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Why Choose EVT?

Coast-to-Coast Transport of Special Autos and Cycles

Since 2001, we have been helping people by providing the safest and most reliable enclosed method to transport for their motorcycles and automobiles. We provide enclosed shipping to any location within the lower 48 states. It’s very true, you have quite a few choices to get your vehicle from “Point A to Point B” via an enclosed carrier. The enclosed part is were the similarities end.

                             We have the experience needed to help you with your vehicle relocation needs.


Contact us and see how we do things much differently than the the other automobile shipping and transport companies available to you. We will never apologize for being a little more expensive.

Here are just a few reasons why to choose Enclosed Vehicle Transport:

  • Can arrange winch load and unload for non-running vehicles
  • Offer enclosed transport service in non stacking and stacking trailers
  • Provides door to door shipping and transport service (we do not use terminals)
  • Includes actual value insurance with “ZERO” deductible in company trailers